Issue of Individual Plastic Cards to CGHS beneficiaries

Government of India 
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare 
Department of Health & Family Welfare 
Nirman Bhawan. Maulana Azad Road 
New Delhi 110 108

No. S 11012/3/2011- CGHS (P)

Dated: the 29th December. 2011


Sub: Issue of Individual Plastic Cards to CGHS beneficiaries – regarding

The undersigned is directed to Invite reference to this Ministry’s O.M No. Misc. 6024/2007/CGHS (HQ)/CGHS(P) dated 30th December, 2009 wherein guidelines on issue of individual Plastic cards to each CGHS beneficiary (serving and retired) were issued. In order to further streamline the issue of CGHS Plastic Cards, the guidelines are revised as follows:



1. CGHS Cards shall be issued only to the eligible Central Government employees and such class of persons as may he decided by the Government whose place of residence is situated within the coverage area of CGHS.

2. Requisition for CGHS Cards shall be prepared in duplicate in Form ‘A’. One copy to be forwarded to Additional Director (HQ), CGHS, New Delhi and the other to be retained with the Department where the applicant is currently employed (hereinafter referred to as ‘sponsoring authority/Ministry/ Department) for record.

3. The requisition shall be sponsored by an officer in charge of administration not below the rank of Under Secretary.

4. Requisitions for CGHS Cards shall be accompanied by two copies of recent 3×5 cm. size individual photographs of all family members of the government employee, one set of which shall be pasted on the application form and shall be attested by a Gazetted Officer in charge of administration. Another set of photographs shall be signed on the back by the concerned beneficiary and enclosed with the application form for onward submission to the Office of Additional Director (HQ), CGHS. New Delhi.

5. Requisitions shall be sent along with two copies of the challan as in Form ‘C’ duly filled in, to the Additional Director (HQ), CGHS, New Delhi.

6. The Office of Additional Director (HQ). New Delhi shall process the requisition forms and get the cards prepared in the prescribed format which shall then be delivered to the concerned sponsoring authorities as per the laid down procedure.

7. CGHS Cards will be delivered only to the person authorised by the sponsoring authority after obtaining an acknowledgement in Form ‘D’.

8. The sponsoring authority shall ensure that the government employee, for whose family members the CGHS Cards are made out, gives a proper receipt on taking delivery of card(s) by putting his/her signature.

9. On the occurrence of death, CGIHS cards issued to a government employee shall be withdrawn and deposited by the Administration of his/her Department with Additional Director (HQ), CGHS, New Delhi for cancellation.

10.In case of change in entitlement for CGHS facilities, the Government employee shall enclose the CGHS card(s) with the application for issuing new card(s) with the revised entitlement.

11. In case of mutilation, the mutilated CGHS Card shall be enclosed with the application along with the challan in token of payment of the prescribed charges for issuing a new card.

12.CGHS Card(s) may be issued to employees of autonomous bodies (if CGHS facility is allowed to such body) under the Administrative Ministries of 
Government of India in accordance with the procedure prescribed above. Officers of a rank equivalent or corresponding to Under Secretary In such autonomous bodies though not enjoying Secretariat status shall be the requisitioning authority and certifying authority in respect of such employees.

13.CGHS Card(s) for employees of autonomous bodies attached to the Ministries will be issued only if the employee is residing within the CGHS covered areas.

14.Duplicate cards may be issued on payment of prescribed fee with the details of the lost / misplaced cards. For Issue of duplicate cards, the same procedure shall be followed by the concerned employee and his/her sponsoring authority/Department /Office.

15.The employees should be encouraged to submit their applications online by using the CGHS portal. After online submission of the application from they should take a print out of the same and submit the hard copy duly signed and photographs affixed thereon, to the sponsoring authority for processing and onward submission to the Office of Additional Director (HQ), CGHS for issuing the cards. Detailed instructions for online submission of applications are at APPENDIX.

16.The plastic cards issued by CGHS shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of issue. The validity period shall also be indicated on the card.


Income Tax Department Directed to Launch Special Drive for Verifying High Value Transactions

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has directed the Income Tax department to launch a special drive, from 20th January to 20th March 2012, for verifying high value transactions (investments / deposits / expenditure) from persons who are not assessed to income tax or who have not furnished their PAN while entering into such transactions. In an instruction issued today, the CBDT issued proforma for query letters and responses to be issued to the high value investors / depositors / spenders.

Addressees will be required to furnish their PAN if they already have one, or apply immediately for PAN to NSDL / UTIISL if they do not have one. They will also be required to explain the source of the high value investments / deposits / expenditure, and whether these are properly accounted for / explained in the income tax return filed by them. Persons who have not properly accounted for the high value transactions, are required to pay due taxes and file the income tax return within this financial year, i.e. by 31st March, 2012. For furnishing the information called for, visit to the tax office is not necessary. Information can be sent by speed / registered post.

In some cases, the tax officials may also visit the premises of the high value investors / depositors / spenders. In such cases, the taxpayer should verify the identity of the tax official before furnishing information in the prescribed proforma. In case of any grievance or complaint, taxpayer may contact the assessing officer or the additional / joint commissioner or the commissioner concerned. The visiting tax official is required to furnish the telephone numbers of his supervisory officers.

There are penal consequences of not obtaining PAN or reporting it. For not paying proper taxes, there can be penalty up to 300% of the unpaid tax, and also prosecution in some cases


Notional fixation of pay to officers included in the Deputy Secretary Select List 2009 and 2010

No.F.4/1 /2012-CS-I(D) 
Government of India 
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions 
(Department of Personnel & Training)

Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market,

New Delhi —110003. 18th January, 2012


Subject: Notional fixation of pay to officers included in the Deputy Secretary Select List 2009 and 2010 reg.

As per DPC guidelines promotions are effective from a prospective date. However, in the case of Central Secretariat Service. Select Lists for the Selection Grade (Deputy Secretary) for certain years got delayed due to protracted litigation over the question of inter-se seniority between the direct recruit and promotee Section Officers.

2. In consideration of the above facts, extending the benefit of notional fixation of pay to CSS Grade I officers on their promotion to the Selection Grade from the lit July of the Select  List year. which is the date for counting approved service in all grade of CSS, was allowed till the Select List Year 2007. 2008 was a no panel year for promotion to the grade of Deputy Secretary. For the Deputy Secretary Select List years 2009 and 2010, no such benefit has been extended.

3 The Office Order issued by CS Division promoting the CSS Grade I officers against 
DSSL 2009 specifically mentioned that the pay and allowances of the officers are to be fixed under FR 22 (1) (a) (i) w.e.f the date of taking over the charge of Deputy Secretary on regular basis. No separate instructions for fixation of pay on a notional basis from 1ST July. of the Select List year in respect of officers who have been included in DSSL 2009 or DSSL 2010 have been issued

4 It has, however, come to notice of this Department that some of the Ministries/Departments have fixed the pay of Grade I Officers of CSS on their promotion as Deputy Secretaries against DSSL 2009 and 2010 notionally with effect from 1/7/2009 and 1ST July. 2010 respectively, which is not consistent with extant rules on the subject and without any specific instructions in this regard by CS Division of DOP&T. All the Ministries/Departments are, therefore, requested to review the cases of fixation of pay of Grade-I officers ( Under Secretaries) of CSS on their promotion to the Selection Grade (Deputy Secretary) against the Select List years 2009 and 2010 and take steps to rectify the pay fixation in those cases where the benefit of notional fixation of pay has been incorrectly extended.

(Monica √ühatia) 
( Director)



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