Foreign Training (Long/short-term) under Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT)Scheme of the Department of Personnel & Training


No. 12037/32/2010-FTC 
Government of India 
Department of Personnel & Training 
Training Division 
(Block No.IV, Old JNU Campus. New Delhi 110 067)

New Delhi, the 1st August 2011


Secretaries to Central Ministries/Departments of Go Chief Secretaries of State Governments/Administrators of UTs(As per list attached),

Sub: Foreign Training (Long/short-term) under Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT)Scheme of the Department of Personnel & Training— Nomination of nodal officer – regarding.


As you may kindly be aware, the Training Division of the. DOPT is administering the DFFT scheme wherein officers belonging to IAS, SCS, CSS. CSSS and also those officers of other Group ‘A’ services, who hold posts on deputation under the Central Staffing Scheme, are deputed for training forvarious short and long-term programmes abroad. Under the DFFT Scheme, an annual circular is issued by this Division in September/October eveiy year for training programmes to be organized in the following year. The eligible and interested officers apply against this circular through their respective controlling authorities.

2. [he application process under this scheme includes (i) filling up the application form by the interested officers, and (ii) forwarding of the same by the concerned controlling authorities to the DOPT.While filling up of the application by the officers has already been made on-line’, the form to be filled by the controlling authorities while forwarding the application forms of their respective officers will also go‘on-line’ w.e.f. FY 2011-12. Accordingly, all Ministries&Departments of Gol and State Governments/UTs were requested. vide this Department’s letters of even number dated 25 August 2010 and 28 October 2010, to appoint a nodal officer (not below the rank of Under Secretary to the Government of India) who will be associated with the work relating to the nomination of officers for training abroad under the DFFT Scheme and forward details the appointed nodal officers to this Division.

3. The requisite details of such nodal officer are awaited from your organization. It is requested that the same may kindly be expedited and forwarded to this Department immediately and, in any case, by5th August 2011 positively.
Yours faithfully


Sanjiv Shankar

Director(Foreign Training)


All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefits) Amendment Rules. 2011.


(Department of Personnel and Training) 

New  Delhi, the 28th July, 2011

G.S.R. 585(E).—In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 of 
the All India Services Act. 1951 (61 of 1951), the Central Government, after consultation with  the Governments of the States concerned, hereby makes the following rules further to amend the All India Services (Death-cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1958. namely :—

1  (1) These rules may be caned the All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefits) Amendment Rules. 2011.

       (2) They shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.In the All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1958, in rule 5,after sub-rule (1), the following sub-rule shall be inserted, namely:

         (`1A) (I) The Central Government may permit a member of service to withdraw his resignation in the public interest on the following conditions, namely :-

(a) that the resignation was tendered by the member of service for some compelling reasons which did not involve any reflection on his integrity, efficiency or conduct and the request for withdrawal of the resignation has been made as a result of a material change in the circumstances which originally compelled him/her to tender the resignation;

(b) that during the period intervening between the date on which the resignation became effective and the date from which the request for withdrawal was made, the conduct of the member concerned was in no way improper;

(e) that the period of absence from duty between the date on which the resignation became effective and the date on which the member is allowed to resume duty as a result of permission to withdraw the resignation is not more than ninety days

(d) that the post, which was vacated by the member of service on the acceptance of his/he resignation or any other comparable post, is available

(ii) Request for withdrawal of a resignation shall not be accepted by the Central Government where a member of service resigns his/her service or post with a view to taking up an appointment in or under a private commercial company or in or under a corporation or company wholly or substantially owned or controlled by the Government or in or under a body controlled or financed by the Government.

(iii) Request for withdrawal of resignation shall not be accepted by the Central Government where a member of the Service resigns from his/her service or post with a view to be associated with, any political parties or any organisation which takes part in politics, or to take part in, or subscribe in aid of, or assist in any other manner, any political movement or political activity or to canvass or otherwise interfere with, or use his/her influence in connection with, or take part in, an election to any legislature or local authority.

(iv) When an order is passed by the Central Government allowing a member to withdraw his/her resignation and to resume duty, the order shall be deemed to include the condonation of interruption in service but the period of interruption shall not count as qualifying service

[F No. 24012/10/2010-AIS (II)]

DEEPTI UMASHANKAR, Director (Services)


Clarification on Children Education Allowance for All India Services officers

No. 20011/5/2008-AIS-II 
Government of India 
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions 
(Department of Personnel and Training)

North Block, New Delhi-i 10001 
Dated, the 25th July, 2011.


The Chief Secretaries of all the 
State Governments/UTs.

Subject: Clarification on Children Education Allowance.


I am directed to enclose herewith a copy of this Department’s O.M.No.21011/16/2009-Estt.(AL), dated 17th June, 2011 and to state that clarification issued by the Central Government on Children Education Allowance vide this 0M. would also be applicable in respect of All India Services officers.

Yours faithfully,

(Yash pal) 
Desk officers

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