Railways Resolve long Standing Wage Settlement Issue of Employees of Two PSUs Namely M/s Braithwaite & M/s Burn Standard

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Railways, the long standing issue of implementation of the tripartite memorandum of settlement of wage revision of workers of M/s Braithwaite, Kolkata has been resolved. The wage revision will benefit about 350 employees and will be effective from 01.10.2010. It will effect an increase of ` 3500- 4000 per employee per month.

Similarly, under the aegis of the Ministry of Railways, the process of wage revision has been initiated at M/s Burn Standard, Kolkata. As in M/s Braithwaite, the revision in pay will also be effective for M/s Burn Standard from 01.10.2010. The management of M/s Burn Standard has been authorized to formalize a tripartite memorandum in this regard. The exercise is likely to benefit about 900 employees.

In addition, 8.33 per cent bonus amounting to ` 3500 has been paid to all eligible employees of M/s Braithwaite and M/s Burn Standard, numbering more than 1200.

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