Promotee's Pay fixation after 01-01-2006

               The Staff Side National Council Anomaly Committee has represented  the revision of option issue in the Anomaly committee meeting and have requested that the first option exercised may not be treated as final keeping in view the new system of pay band and grade pays and that employees may be allowed to revise their option if the option is more beneficial to them..
           Accordingly The Minstry of Finance(Department of Expenditure) issued an OFFICE MEMORANDUM No.F.No.7/14/2010-E.III (A) dated 5th July 2010 regarding Revision of Option. According to this OM , On further consideration and in exercise of the powers available under Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, it has been decided that in relaxation of stipulation under Rule 6 (4) of these Rules employees may be permitted to revise their initial option upto 31.12.2010 if the option is more beneficial to them. The revised option shall be intimated to the Head of his Office by the Government servant in accordance with the provision of Rule 6 (2) of the Revised Pay Rules, 2008.

        Actually this revision of option is not that much beneficial  to the promotees who got promotion after 01-01-2006 are concerned.It is an option between loss and big loss. The pay structure designed for 6 CPC is not convincing one to the promotees those who got promotions particularly after 01-01-2006. Because they will get merely 3% of the pay in the pay band +grade pay in addition to the meager grade pay difference as a promotion benefit. But the pay of direct recruits and new entrants is fixed at a higher stage when compared to the existing employees who were promoted in the same grade. To get this promotional benefit at par with the pay of direct recruits to the same post/grade, the government servants those who got promotions after 01-01-2006, had to exercise their option for revised pay on their promotion date despite loosing the 6cpc benefits from 01-01-2006.Revising the option between this and that will not rectify their financial loss. To avoid this anomalous situation, the minimum pay in the pay band has to be prescribed for each and every Grade, like Grade Pay fixed for every Grade. This is the only way to address this  this problem properly.

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