Free Rail Pass to Railway Employees & Pensioners Continues

         The proposal to do away with the free rail passes for employees was first made by the Expenditure Reforms Commission in 2004. Then Rail Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav had disagreed with this recommendation when it came up for consideration by the Cabinet and said it should be struck down immediately.

              Instead of rejecting the proposal, the Cabinet chose to tread a middle path, suggesting that an in-House study be conducted to get an estimate of the costs entailed.

           The study, undertaken by the Railway Ministry, turned out to be quite a revelation. It showed that during 2004-2005, the Railways had over 14 lakh employees on its rolls while the number of pensioners was close to 12 lakhs. The cost of a free pass per employer for one year was estimated at Rs 3,311 and for a retired person it was Rs 498. The total cost for these freebies for a year was pegged at Rs 528 crore. For serving officers the figure was over Rs 471 crore and for pensioners it was nearly Rs 57 crore.

        Given the staggering costs involved and the country’s financial condition, the radical elements in the UPA were pitching for scrapping this facility. However, Mamata insisted that it should be continued and everybody went along.

Inclusion of the Caste ‘Adrakhi’ in the Central Lists of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in respect of the State of Bihar

               The Union Cabinet today approved the addition of the caste ‘Adrakhi’ in the Central List of OBCs for the State of Bihar at Entry No. 132. This is based on the recommendation of the National Commission for Backward Classes.

                Inclusion of the community in the above list will enable it to avail the benefits of reservation in Central Government services and posts as well as in Central education institutions, thus contributing to the goal of equity and inclusiveness. 

            The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment will notify the caste ‘Adrakhi’ in the Central list of OBCs for the State of Bihar

Dynamic ACP Scheme for the officers of the Indian Railway Medical Service



RBE No.96 /2010
New Delhi, dated 7.7.2010

The General Manager/OSDs/CAO(R)
All Indian Railways & PUs
(As per mailing list)

Sub:-      Dynamic ACP Scheme for the officers of the Indian Railway Medical Service

               With reference to Board’s letter of even number dated 7.1.2009 on the above subject, and pursuant to several references received from IRMS officers seeking clarification regarding the admissibility of benefits associated with the higher grade allotted to them under the DACP Scheme, such as issue of Silver Pass, etc.,the matter has been examined and it is clarified that since an upgradation earned by the IRMS officers under the Dynamic ACP Scheme has all the attributes of a regular promotion, all benefits (including Silver Pass) which are available to IRMS officers on regular promotion, may also be allowed to them on grant of higher Grade Pay earned under the DACP Scheme.

2.This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

3. Hindi version

Dy. Director/ Pay Commission-V
Railway Board.

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