MACP Scheme for Group B, C and D employees of IITs.

F.No. 17-812009-TS.1
Government of India
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Department of Higher Education
Technical Section -I

Shastri Bhawan, New DeIhi
Dated 5thJuly, 20 10

The Director,
Indian Institute of Technology,
Delhi, Bombay, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Roorkee and Guwahati

Subject: MACP Scheme for Group B, C and D employees of IITs.
        I am directed to say that the Government has decided to put in place an MACP scheme for Group B, C & D employees of IITs. The salient features of the scheme will be as follows:-

(i) MACP as introduced by Govt. of India will come into effect in IITs w.e.f. 01.09.2008 with provision for financial upgradation in the same manner as provided in the MACP of the Government of India without any modification whatsoever.

(ii) RCPS will remain in force upto 3 1/08/2008.

(iii) The financial upgradations already availed under RCPS would be taken into account while allowing any upgradation under MACP.

(iv) Separately however, the IITs may consider amending their Recruitment Rules for various categories of posts to provide for vacancy based promotions. Recruitment Rules for each category of post providing for promotion at each level may be got approved by respective Boards.

(v) Financial upgradations as per the MACP scheme will be followed and no upgradation to a Grade Pay higher than what is provided for under the MACP scheme will be allowed.

(vi) For removal of ambiguity, if any, reference will be made to Ministry for clarification.

Yours faithfully,
(Pratima Dikshit) .Director

No Retirement Age for Judges-High Court Suggestion.

               The High Court, on the request of Assistant Solicitor General of India, granted two weeks' time to the Centre to file a counter affidavit. A rejoinder, if any, may be filed with in a week thereafter. The court directed to list the matter on July 28.
           "The framers of Indian Constitution have borrowed the parliamentary form of democracy and concept of 'Rule of Law' from Great Britain and the fundamental rights and role of higher judiciary as the custodian of these rights and the Hon'ble Supreme Court as the guardian of Indian Constitution from the Constitution of the USA.

         "Thus, it may not appear to be an act of transgressing the constitutional scheme if the age limit for retirement of judges of the Supreme Court of United States of America is adopted in our country," it said.

          The court also said that "in view of all the aforesaid, the submission of petitioner in person that there should be no age limit for retirement of the judges of supreme court and high courts, prima facie, deserves to be considered.

       "Hence, issue notice," the court said, noting that the Centre had made a plea for dismissal of the PIL on the basis of a ruling by the Supreme Court..
Source: Times of India

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