On 25th May 2010 ,a news on LTC to Jammu &kashmir was published in website. Now DOPT issued an Office Memorandum dated 18-6-2010, which enables all Central Government Employees to go to Jammu Kashmir by Air availing LTC.

           According to the Office Memorandum dated 18-6-2010, it has been decided by the Government to permit Government employees to travel by air to J&K as per the following Scheme:-

(i) All officers/employees of Government of India will be allowed to avail LTC to visit J&K against conversion of one block of their Home Town LTC.

(ii) Officers/employees of Government of India entitled to travel by air can avail this LTC in their entitled class.

(iii) All other employees of Government of India can travel by air in economy class from Delhi and Amritsar to any place in J&K by any airlines subject to their entitlement being limited to LTC-80 fares of Air India. Journey from their place of posting up to Delhi Amritsar will have to be undertaken as per their entitlement.

(iv) Restriction of air travel only by Air India on LTC to other places shall continue to remain in force.

(v) This scheme shall be effective from the date of issuance..


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