Revision of pension in respect of Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) discharged prior to 01.01.2006.

                               No PC 10(1)/2009-D (Pen/Pol)
                                  Government of India,
                 Ministry of Defence,
                               Deptt. of Ex-servicemen Welfare,
                              New Delhi Dated 8th March 2010

            Subject: Implementation of the Government decision on the recommendations of the Cabinet Secretary’s Committee – Revision of pension in respect of Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) discharged prior to 01.01.2006.

           The undersigned is directed to state that in order to consider various issues on pension of Armed Forces pensioners, the Government had setup a Committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary. The Committee in its Report have recommended the following for pre-2006 PBOR pensioners -

1.1 Pre-10.10.1997 PBOR pensioners may be brought on par with post-10.10.1997 PBOR                 pensioners;and

1.2 To reduce the gap between the pensions of pre & post-1.1.2006 PBOR pensioners, following principle may be followed -

1.2.1 Pension of all pre-1.1.2006 PBOR pensioners may be reckoned with reference to a notional maximum in the post-1.1.2006 revised pay structure corresponding to the maximum of pre-Sixth pay commission pay
scales as per fitment table of each rank.

1.2.2 To continue with the enhanced weightages awarded by the Group of Ministers (GOM) of 2006.

2. The above recommendations of the Committee have been accepted by the Government and the President is pleased to decide that with effect from 1st July 2009, service pension/special pension/invalid pension/service element of disability pension and service element of war injury/liberalized disability pension (in release cases only) of all pre-1.1.2006 PBOR pensioners of Army, Navy and Air Force (including DSC and TA) shall be reckoned at 50% of the notional pay in the post-1.1.2006 revised pay structure corresponding to the maximum of pay scalesapplicable from 10.10.1997 of the rank and group continuously held for last 10 months preceding invalidment/discharge. The amount so determined shall be the
pension for 33 years of reckonable qualifying service including rank weightage (except for TA personnel) as provided under this Ministry’s letter No. 1(6)/98/D(Pension/Services) dated 3.2.1998 and enhanced vide this Ministry’s letter No. 14(3)/2008/D(Pen/Sers)/Vol-III dated 1.2.2006. For lesser period of qualifying
service, this amount shall be proportionately reduced. The amount of pension finally arrived at shall be subject to a minimum of Rs. 3,500/- per month.

Upper limit of the number of years Service of Personal staff to the Union Ministers

                                                     No.3 1/65/2009-EO (MM-I)
                                                        Government of India
                                               Department of Personnel & Training
                                               (Office of the Establishment Officer)
                    New Delhi,      dated 04.03.2010.

                                                  OFFICE MEMORANDUM

Subject: Policy on fixing an upper limit of the number of years for which officers can work in the personal staff of the Union Minister in their entire careers.

                     The issue of officers working in the personal staff of Ministers for long periods of time has been engaging the attention of the Government for quite some time. The various Departments/Serices recruit officers to man their respective organizations and it is not in the interest of the cadre management of an organization to let its officers be out of their cadres for prolonged periods of time.

2.           The Appointrnents Committee of the Cabinet has decided that

            (i) A total ceiling of ten years be prescribed beyond which an officer may not be permitted to be appointed in the personal staff of Ministers, irrespective of level.

          (ii) Every time an appointment in the personal staff is made, the cadre authorities may check whether the officer has worked in the personal staff of a Minister earlier and if so, his total tenure be restricted to not more than ten years in his entire career. Further, his tenure as Private Secretary and OSD to the Minister
should be limited to five years within this overall limit, on the personal staff of the Minister.

         (iii) The ceiling of ten years and the sub limit of five years for PSIOSD with the ceiling of ten years, in the personal staff would be adhered too while processing the cases for appointments of PSs and OSDs. The tenure provided in all such cases would be inclusive of any stint that the officer may have worked in,
earlier at Under Secretary or lower levels also in the personal staff of any Minister.

        (iv) No relaxation will be granted to the above conditions.

        (v) The Personal staff appointed in the Prime Minister's Office may be exempted from the above provisions.
                                                                           (Trishaljit Sethi)

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