Consideration of CRs for selection of candidates - instructions regarding.

                                       No. 220 1l/3/2008-Estt D

                                         Government of India
                      Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
                               (Department of Personnel and Training)
                                 New Delhi, the 20th August, 2008

Subject: -       Selection of candidates on direct recruitment basis -Consideration of CRs for selection of  candidates - instructions regarding.

               The undersigned is directed -to invite attention to Department of Personnel and Training n.M. No. 22011/l4/86-Estt (D) dated 17th June, 1988 providing that whenever officers already working in the Government apply for appointment by direct recruitment against vacancies advertised by the Union Public Service Commission, Confidential Reports (CR Dossiers) of such short listed candidates should be made available by the requisitioning Department to the Commission before the date of Interview.
          The above instructions were reiterated in the DoPT O.M. No.2201l/2/97-Estt. (D) dated January 5, 1998 and No. 22011l4/2005-Estt(D) dated 19.9.2005 respectively. It was, however, clarified in the circulars that it would not be necessary to hold up the interview till all the CRs became available. The Commission should consider the CR Dossiers to the extent they were available for making final recommendations.

2.          This issue has been re-examined in this Department in consultation with the UPSC. No separate marks or weightage is assigned by the Commission in the selection process to the service records of the candidates who are Government servants. Giving consideration to the CRs of only those who are already in Government service and rejecting their candidature on the grounds that some adverse remarks therein would seem discriminatory since the Commission are unable to get similar assessment in respect of candidates who are not in Government service. In actual practice, Interview Board forms its own independent opinion about the suitability of a candidate having regard to his performance during the interview and the CRs do not influence the Interview Boards' assessment. However, as per DoPT's OM No. AB 14017/l01/91·-Estt (RR) dated 14.7.1993, in case of Direct Recruitment by selection, i.e. 'Selection by Interview', it is the responsibility of the requisitioning Department / Ministry to bring to the notice of the Commission any point regarding unsuitability of any candidate (Govt. servant) from the vigilance angle and the appropriate time for doing so would be the consultation at the time of preliminary scrutiny when the case is referred by the Commission to the Ministry/ Department for comments on the provisional selection of candidates for interview by the Commission

.3.          In view of above facts, it has been decided, in consultation with the UPSC, that the requirement of providing CRs of short listed candidates (Government servants) who apply for appointment by direct recruitment against vacancy advertised by the UPSC should be discontinued forthwith.

(Smita Kumar)

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