Navy to Raise Seperate Force to Monitor Coastal Areas

In the wake of the 26/11 Mumbai attack, a separate force would be raised to monitor coastal areas, a top Naval officer said . "There will be a separate force, Sagar Prahari Bal, for the purpose of increasing vigil in coastal areas of the country, starting from Gujarat to West Bengal," Naval officer-in-charge (West Bengal) Commodore Chandra Sekhar Azad told a press conference. The force will constitute 1,000 navy personnel, including 61 officers and 939 sailors and will have 95 Fast Interceptive Craft (FIC), Azad said, adding that the induction for the force will start from January next year. When asked about the allocation for West Bengal, Azad said, the state would get 150 navy personnel, including four officers, and four FICs.Azad said, "The new force will check every vessel above 300 tons... ptinews

BSF gets patent for IED jammer technology

The Border Security Force has bagged a patent for its 'Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Jammer', the first paramilitary force in the country to be granted the unique distinction. The country's Controller General of Patent had recently accorded the patent to the jammer device, which was built by the Research and Development Cell of the Communication and IT Directorate of the BSF. The device can be fixed on a vehicle and protects the convoys it travels with or the area it is placed in by jamming remote controlled trigger devices, BSF officials said. In the last five years, besides the RCIED (Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device) Jammer, the force's R and D cell has designed and fabricated various devices like RCIED Pre-Initiator, Universal Programmer, Laser Aiming Trainer, Mobile de-activator GSM band, Tresspasser alert among many others. source:PTI

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