Non-Functional upgradation for Officers of Organised Group 'A' Services in PB-3 and PB-4 Consequent upon the acceptance of the recommendations ofthe Sixth Central Pay Commission, the following orders are issued:- (i) Whenever an Indian Administrative ServicesOfficer of the State of Joint Cadre is posted at the Centre to a particular grade carrying a specific grade pay in Pay band 3 or Pay Band 4, the officers belong to batches of Organised Group A Services that are senior by two years or more and have not so far been promoted to that particular grade would be granted the same grade on nonfunctional basis from the date of posting of the Indian Administrative Service Officers in that grade at the Centre. (ii) Grant of higher scale would be governed by the terms and conditions given in Annex-I. (iii) Appropriate amendments in the Service Rules may also be carried out. (iv) Establishment Division of this Department will issue orders from time to time, in consultation with the Establishment Officer, intimating the batch of the officers belonging to the Indian Administrative Service who have been posted at the Centre in the various grades ofPB-3and PB-4 as well as the date of posting of the first officers belonging to the batch. 2. Grant of higher scale (i.e. pay band and/or grade -pay) under instructions would be w.e.f. 1.1.2006, wherever due and admissible. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR GRANT OF HIGHER PAY SCALE ON NON-FUNCTIONAL BASIS TO OFFICERS OF ORGANISED GR.' A' SERVICES 1. The non functional up-gradation granted under these orders will be based on empanelment and posting of particular batch of IAS officer in the Centre. Such up-gradation would not be linked to the vacancies in the grade. 2. The up-gradation granted under these orders will be a purely non- functional up-gradation, personal to the officer and It would not bestow any right to the officer to claim promotion or deputation benefits based on non-functional up-gradation in such a manner. 3. All the prescribed eligibility criteria and promotional norms including 'benchmark' for up-gradation to a particular grade pay would have to be met at the time of screening for grant of higher pay-scale under these orders. 4. A screening committee would be formed by the Ministry for implementation of these orders. There would be three members in committee so formed and they would at-least be one level above the grade for which up-gradation is being considered. Secretary of the Ministry concerned would chair the committee. 5. All instructions concerning grant of non-functional upgradation presently applicable in the case of grant of NFSG to officers of Group 'A' Services would apply in the event of penalty, disciplinary proceedings, suspension etc. 6. Orders will be issued with the approval of the competent authority. Grant of higher pay scale on the non-functional basis would be from the date of posting of the first officer belonging to the particular batch of IAS officer at the centre. In case of any delay in the issue of orders, financial benefits under these orders will be given from the due date. 7. (i) Pay fixation under on grant of non-functional upgradation under these orders will be done as per the provisions of CCS (RP) Rules ,2008 i.e. the officers will be granted one increment at the rate of 3% of basic pay and the difference of grade pay will be added to their basic pay. (ii) As far as similarly placed officers of organized Gr. A Services, who are posted under the Central Staffing Scheme are concerned , they will be granted one additional increment on account of the non-functional up-gradation, but their grade pay will remain unchanged on the ground that they are holding a particular post with a specific grade pay under the Central Staffing Scheme. In such cases the officers granted nonfunctional up-gradation may continue to draw CDTA if admissible. 8. As and when the normal vacancies in the grade arise, the officer will be considered for regular promotions as per the normal DPC guidelines, based on the provisions of the recruitment rules. UPSC will be consulted wherever the rules provide for the same. However at the time of promotion, the pay in the grade will not be fixed again for officers who have been granted up-gradation under these orders. 9 . Officers on deputation / study leave or any other duly sanctioned leave would also be considered and granted higher pay-scale on non-functional basis according to the prescribed procedure. 10. Non-functional up-gradation to the next higher grade pay granted under the scheme isa fall back option only, to be in cases where officers of a particular Service have not been granted promotion to a particular grade in normal course according to the due procedure. 11. ILLUSTRATION:- If officers of 1987 batch of IAS are empanelled as Joint Secretary in the grade pay ofRs. 10,000/in PB-4 and an officer of the batch gets posted in the Centre (under Central Staffing Scheme) on 15th January 2008, all the officers of the 1985 batch of organized Gr. A Central Services who have not been promoted to the Joint Secretary or equivalent grade and who are eligible for the same on 1.1.2007 for the panel year 2007-08, would be appointed to the same grade on non-functional basis under these instructions w.e.f. 15.1.2008. Same would be the case in the event of posting of an officer of particular batch as Deputy Secretary/ Director under Central Staffing scheme.

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