Qualifying Years for full pension Its unfortunate for those who retired after1-1-2006 but before 1-9-2008; eventhough they completed 20 years of service , they cannot claim full pension. The OM dt.3rd Oct.2008 cites two clauses Viz.5.1.33 &6.5.3 and 5.2 & 5.3 of OM dt.2nd Sep.2008 are related to the persons retired after 1-1-2006 who do not have the required number of years and can not claim full pension on the basis of sixth pay commission recommending 20 years of qualifying service and is applicable for only to staff retiring on or after 2nd sep 2008. Hence the main issue in these clauses is the qualifying service and not the last pay drawn or average emoluments. Hence for the post 2006 retirees with 33 and above years of qualifying service pension should be fixed based either on the last emoluments or 10 months average pay whichever is more. This point is clearly brought out in the clause 6.5.3 that all other recommendations relating to pension will take effect retrospectively from 1-1-2006.We feel that there can be only one cut of date for the implementation of CPC recommendations i.e. from 1-1-2006 and cut of date not be issue based.

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